Sunday, May 9, 2010

Kharma - and Ethnic Fabrics

The past 18 days have been totally self-centered. My routine has revolved around taking drugs, doing physical therapy, and icing my new knee. My dependence on John has never been greater although I have been able to carry my own coffee to the living room. But that's been it. Just 2 days ago I ditched my walker and have graduated to a cane. I'm getting up to the studio but have no stamina to do anything once I get up there. Compounding my frustration has been my quilting buddy Wayne who has been going through one of his most prolific and creative periods. Every quilt he does is one that I want to try!

I've received some wonderful gifts in the past few weeks. Terry made me the best turkey salad. Wayne and his wife Wendy sent Lou Malnati's pizzas. Daughter Julie made us some stuffed peppers. Neighbor Pam Caes and her mother made us a roasted pork dinner. My parents delivered lunch one one day from Chuck's Southern Diner. Cecilia sent a wonderful fruit basket. Paula gave me an afternoon visit, complete with snacks and flowers.

Then there's all the non-food gifts. Janet gave me the gift of an in-house ortho-bionomy session. Ed Sheehan drove me to and Midge picked me up from a massage session; Midge was also my attitude adjuster. During what I thought was my down week, she would have none of it and coaxed me nicely out of my blues. Chris and Jerry gave me flowers. Laurel and Richard gave me the new Paula Deen cookbook.

And there's Chandra from Paulsen Rehab in LaGrange. She's the physical therapist I worked with in January and February. She is a woman whom I love. The day after my new knee was installed, she came to my room with a piece of her pistachio cake and a little get-well visit. Yesterday she and her husband delivered a sewing machine (never been used!), some fabulous pound-rum cake, dal, rice, and a wonderful chicken dish (like tandoori chicken minus the tandoor). I'll resume out-patient rehab with her on May 24th; and despite the pain that will ensue, I'm looking forward to working with her again.
Even though I'm counting the minutes until I can take my next dose of Vicodin, I am finally coming out of this self-centered period and ready to think about contributing with the household chores and giving back. I've been on the receiving end of Kharma for the past 5 months, and it's time to get back on the giving end of Kharma. I may not be sewing yet, but at least I'm touching fabrics and thinking about what I want to sew. Chandra has a daughter who is interested in ethnic fabrics. When I do start to sew - and work on my Kharma - a bag for Lavina is at the top of my list!


Josie Ray said...

You're surrounded by kind, giving people. That's wonderful. And you're so creative that even when you can't sew together pieces of fabric, you make them into attractive photo collages. :-) That's dedication. Patience, patience. This, too, shall pass. Glad to hear you're progressing, though it could never possibly be as quickly as one wishes.

Josie Ray said...

How are you?

Donna said...

Thanks for asking, Josie! I'm fine - just healing slowly. Tomorrow I start out-patient rehab, which I'm hoping will make a difference in my psyche. I have things I want to do and have worked on a little bit, but I haven't yet gotten into any sort of sweing rhythm. 2 projects have mid-June deadlines, so I know it will happen. Yesterday I had lunch with a 20-year old friend who's been quilting with me since she was 12 and is now majoring in fine arts at the U of Iowa. She assured me this down-time was okay and that I'm just letting my brain percolate. And then there's the lack of blogging guilt. A month with only 1 post? YIKES! My parents have both slipped into a creepy place and are requiring more attention. I'm lucky that my sister is there right along side me in this new journey.

So, that's it. I sincerely appreciate your asking. I'll get back up to snuff - just not this week!

Josie Ray said...

Sounds like you have your hands full times ten. And I'm very sorry about your parents. Some things go very deep, to our core, back to our beginnings.

But, at least, have no blog guilt! :-) I fight that myself, so my "how are you" was certainly not a blog-prod. When I took time off in early spring, two people wrote and asked if I was okay. And I was touched, but felt pressured. I want to make myself feel that I don't have to post a note every time I plan time off, and I want to do everything in my life at my own pace (ideal world!), not altered by even kind peer pressure.

So this last week, I put a "Live Free Or Die" paragraph in my sidebar, and I'm hoping it works for me. That it makes me feel blog-free, so that I can simply enjoy writing and visiting, at my own meandering pace. :-) With huge, unexplained gaps now and then.

Such wisdom in your 20-year-old-friend. The greatest creativity comes out of long periods of regrouping. And, also, for me, from not sharing quite everything, but keeping back what I call some "starter dough" for myself.

BTW, I think often of what you once wrote about not being Miss Piggy at the banquet of life. I could write two pages on everything I've thought about that...but I won't do it now! grin.

Josie Ray said...
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Josie Ray said...

Sorry for the delete. I duplicated that comment.