Tuesday, November 22, 2011

LaSalle Street Church Alternative Christmas Market - December 10

Good neighbor Pam is on the ministry team at the LaSalle Street Church at 1111 N. Wells in Chicago.  This congregation hosts a fair trade market for local craftsmen.  A win-win situation!  Pam suggested I host a table on December 10, and so I am.  Over the next two weeks I'll be adding to my exisiting stock of 20 Mors bags, several envelope purses, some Hobo bags, some one-of-a-kind things (like the MiPad case and the Serenity Purse), and beginning work in earnest on some Amazing Technicolor Dream Totes.  

This is a huge step out of my comfort zone. To have to give thought to pricing and labeling and - HORRORS! - handling money are things I'd rather not do. However, I do have this stock of terrific items that just might appeal to some Christmas shoppers.  And it's only from 10 until 1:30.  Surely I can handle less than 4 hours.  The one thing I was fretting about was a coat tree.  I knew I would need one to hang my purses and bags from.  And guess what John found in the basement.  Who knew?
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