Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tote Bag - Quilted, of course

 My QFF Wayne's son Andrew is getting married tomorrow in San Diego.  And his daughter Emily who does mission work in South Africa is in for the wedding.  Wayne wants to send Emily back with a new quilted tote, and here it is. 

He asked for something sturdy, so I used a Home Dec fabric, and I like the results a lot.  This tote stands up on its own because I used Soft and Stable by .
He also asked for a zipper.  The picture below show this effort.  Each end of the zipper has a tab which can be tucked down into the bag.  Each interior side has pockets.  Best of all:  I have enough fabric to make two more of these!


Carol G said...

Love the dots! And very interesting zipper treatment.

Sue R. said... got the skills, lady!!
Awesome bag!