Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Tale of Two Totes

Following a pattern is like following a recipe. Sometimes I have to follow a pattern or recipe exactly so I can then know in which direction to modify it. The first bag, the one following directions exactly, is the one on the right. As I was working on this first one, I knew the top band was too narrow. I wanted to use a bold lining but then wimped out and used a plain white solid. As I was applying the zipper and pocket, I knew I wanted to use a different technique to make a more genuine and sturdy pocket. But did I? No. I followed the directions except for making the straps longer.  I like this bag on the right.

But I LOVE the bag on the left. I doubled the width of the top band and decided to go with a solid black batik for both the band and the straps. There's a scarlet batik for the inner band, which contrasts wonderfully with the lining, a great print of pattern pieces. There's a lime green zipper to match the lining. And the lined pocked uses the last of a lime green gingham. Once this bag was almost finished, I realized I could still attach some magnets to hold the top band together. One thing both totes have are scarlet pulls so that the zipper tabs are easily located.

The bag on the left is going to niece Jen Peters who dances for the Jennifer Mueller/The Works and teaches Pilates in Manhattan. She's always carrying a change of clothes or two. Jen's going to pilot this bag and let me know whether this tote is practical for this kind of application.

Any takers for my practice bag, the one of the right?

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Arathi said...

I would love to grab it! But I would hardly have the opportunity to use it except while going to the library or to the supermarket! I like the titles of your posts.. :-)