Saturday, June 9, 2012

A City Adventure

Fellow Chicago Modern Quilt Guild member Jacquie Gering just published her first book, along with Katie Pederson, Quilting Modern. Jacquie is doing a book signing at a shop in the city. AND this shop, The Needle Shop is in Bucktown, the neighborhood my husband grew up in. So I have my copy of Jacquie's book, neatly packed in an over-the-shoulder shopping bag I just finshed, and we're ready for John's blast from his past.

This is the last of my black-and-white striped bags.  Ebony got the prototype, and I mailed one to Jen, my dancer-niece in NYC.  Past CMQG president Beth has one, and this final one is for Jen Benoit-Bryant, last year's treasurer and this year's programming chair.  I'm keeping the one on the right. 

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