Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sewing Weekend

 I had some specific goals for this past weekend.  Some of them I met - some still need work.  Friday I visited the Fiber Arts Show at the Chicago Botanic Gardens with two of my favorite people, Wayne and Eileen.

Properly inspired, I began to wade my way through a list.  With Erika M's hot directions in hand and after raiding my t-shirts, I made a t-shirt scarf.  This is long - 110" and colorful.  Can't wait for it to get cold. 
The snake of many colors is a sample pack from Jinny Beyer - 150 bits that  are 2.25" x 3.75".  I've made some wall hangings but am thinking jacket with this set.
I meant to free-motion some table covers for my living room - binding is even ready.   And I have some fabric from Eileen and am ready to try making Sarah S's drawstring bags.  Maybe I'll get to these this week...

Crap.  Just realized the jazz shirt logo on the t-shirt scarf is upside down.  So it goes...

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raebethriv said...

Great t shirt scarf! I really want to make one & you just gave the ok to cut up my CMQG shirt that shrunk too much!