Saturday, December 1, 2012

An odd birthday for my sister

Paula is 60 today.  Every year I blog about her present ahead of time and ruin her surprise.  This year I didn't blog, cleverly wrapped her present, putting one bag inside of another inside of another, kind of like those nesting dolls, and mailed it off to St. Joe, MI.  And then my mom fell.  She's in the hospital awaiting surgery - a new elbow - and letting her cracked pelvis heal and be less sore.  So Paula came here.  And her present is in St. Joe.  And seriously, are these nice or what?  A duffle/tote, a Mors bag, a Roundabout purse, and wide-mouthed ditty, and a drawstring bag, all in wonderful Asian fabrics.  The outside of her tote bag on one of the special fabrics I bought in Scotland this past fall. 

Gotta get to the hospital and let Paula go back to St. Joe for a bit!

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Carol G said...

Oh my, what tricks life plays on us. Hope your mom gets through her surgery with no complications. And even though Paula has probably seen your post, she has a nice package to open when she gets home.