Friday, January 18, 2013

Quilt Courier

I wish I could take credit for this quilt, but I'm just the courier. The seven blocks of this quilt were submitted to the Modern Quilt Guild as part of the QuiltCon Block Challenge. The Modern Quilt Guild's goal is to put a quilt on every bed of the Austin Children's Shelter - Austin is where the Modern Quilt Guild is holding its first convention in February 2013. These 7 blocks were sent to the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild for our donation quilt to the shelter. Thanks to a clever layout by Iris Johnson and even cleverer execution of this layout by CMQG Program Chair Sarah Shulman, Debbie Bookman, and Debbie Pine, this top (and look at the wonderful backing), this quilt is ready for quilting. The top and backing have travelled 50 miles from Vernon Hills to Lemont, the home of T and F Quilting Studio and Terri Karls.
Once this is quilted, bound in orange, and washed, I'll do another post. (The last time I used the word courier in a blog post, you wouldn't believe the spam the post generated....)


Carol G said...

What a delightful creation! Fabulous colors and you are right--the back is wonderful too.

Debbie said...

Donna, it was great fun to work on! I can't wait to see it after its quilted. I told Sarah and Debbie B that it should be named "It Takes a Village". One of the blocks has two people in it, and clearly, many of us worked on this to get it from start to finish. Glad I was a part of it!