Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Finishes

Michele's quilt made from her daughters' baby and toddler clothes is complete. It's sturdy and big and full of memories.   There are even a couple of sashes included on the front.  Michele is excited about seeing this project that she's had in mind for years finally complete, and I am thrilled to be doing this for my good friend Cathy, the grandmother of these girls.  The backing and binding is a dark purple and perfect for this project. 
The second finish of the day is a quick little quilt restoration of May, a baby quilt that belongs to 5-year-old Natalya. It was seriously in tatters. But it is Talya's special sleep friend (just the pink side, not the patterned side). I planned to keep May a couple of nights but then realized that she would need May back - a thinner and brighter May - sooner rather than later. Grandma Oralee just picked it up. Sweet dreams, little girl!

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Doug said...

The last shot says it all...