Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wedding Memories

This little bed topper is 60"  by 60" and was commissioned by my dental hygienist.  I have known Bev for 10 years.  She knows my parents and their journey, and I heard of her mother's Alzheimer's diagnosis.  Bev's daughter married last summer in Michigan, but they also made a special trip to Florida and had a small ceremony with Bev's parents prior to the big wedding.  And shortly thereafter Bev's mother died.  This quilt is a combination of a wedding dress, the grandmother's blouse, and the grandfather's shirt.  The black is the blocks is from the sash of the wedding dress.  This is a sweet project, and I am pleased to have worked with Bev and her daughter on this. 
The back of the quilt features a 15" square from the bride's dress, surrounded by the black sash.
These six blocks helped Bev to decide she wanted 9
The quilt all pin-basted and ready for quilting

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Mary Colter said...

I find the way in which you intertwined the different fabrics to be very interesting. Well done. How will you quilt it?