Thursday, May 8, 2014

Finding a Home

Several years ago I did a series of basic quilting classes at the Lawndale Christian Church, and we were doing blocks from Eleanor Burns's Underground Railway Sampler.  Four of these sample blocks are in a 36" x 36" wall hanging.  Grad school/teaching buddy Carol Conway is doing a fundraiser for the Morgan Park Youth Ministry and asked if I had a donation.  I think this is perfect.  These blocks, started with upper left, are Bear's Paw (look out, animals ahead), Monkey Wrench (tools are needed), Jacob's Ladder (indicating direction), and Log Cabin (safe house ahead). 

Here's the charity quilt that Eileen, Jennifer, Sarah S and I worked on at the Spring retreat.  Sarah S did the quilting and passed it over to me for the binding.  Credit goes to our Emilies for putting these kits together.  

Below is my hand project, which is turning into a hand-machine project.  I am indeed putting the 9-patches together by hand.  But I am firming up these  11" blocks with machine sashing and corner stones.  And although this is premature, I think the quilting will be a combination of machine and hand work.  So far, I have 9 blocks completed, and I like where this is going. 

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