Wednesday, October 1, 2014

An Ellipitcal Drunkard's Path or Feathers

Pinterest - what a great source for inspiration.  ZenChic pinned this quilt from an Etsy store.  And I fell in love.  Hard.  And I began my research.  This quilt is by Helen Richards, an Australian quilter.  Her web page has pointers to her Etsy shop.  So I began to google rectangular Drunkard's path and elliptical Drunkard's path - with little success.  One source led to some out-of-stock templates for little 3" x 6" blocks.  Too small.  Finally I wrote to Helen through Etsy to ask her about her templates.  And this lovely generous woman sent me a PDF of the block.  This morning I walked to town, had what she sent enlarged onto card stock, and have already made a test block.

 Because this curve is so gentle, the block is easier than a standard Drunkard's Path block.  The finished block came out to 13" x 6.25".  Now I must figure out how much Helen's color choices have had on what I love about this quilt.  To borrow from Macbeth, I think I'll be bloody, bold, and resolute in the execution of the quilt - and be thankful for my design wall as well as Helen's spirit of generosity. 
Luckily I received Helen's PDF before I went any further with this feather block from Anna Maria Horner. I've beeen intrigued by this pattern and already had some made fabric from my scraps to test this template and pattern out on. This block with the red border finished out at 12" x 20" and will be yet another opportunity for my hand quilting. I won't give up on the feathers. But for now the Ellipical Drunkard's Path is the clear-cut winner for October!

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