Sunday, April 2, 2017

A New Home for an Old and Dear Quilt

When I was an emerging quilter in the 1980's, my sister and her husband had a big home in Freeport, Illinois.  She had a huge amount of home dec and upholstery fabrics left over from various projects, which I took to create this wall hanging.  These are log cabin blocks and show my penchant for non-traditional design - it's no surprise that I have found such a perfect home in the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild.  This piece hung in an open staircase happily the entire time the Thompsons were in Freeport.  Their move to St. Joe 15 years ago and a different house meant that this piece was really not the right thing to hang.  So, it's been folded up.  Paula recently returned it to me, and I have puzzled what to do with it.   

And that's where my buddy Carol comes in.  I met Carol in grad school at Chicago State in the 1970's, and we taught at Hyde Park HS together for 8 years.  We retired at the same time.  While I quilted full-time, Carol went back to school for another degree - this one in Pastoral Counseling/Care.  Commitment to the church and social justice ministries is the focus of her life.  I gave her this wall hanging of Paula's and asked if she might find an appropriate home.  And did she ever.  This piece now hangs in the Agatha O'Brien Room at Mercy Circle, Mother McAuley High School, at 99th and Pulaski in Chicago.  Agatha O'Brien came from Ireland to Chicago when she was 24 and lived until she was 32.  In those 8 years she established Mercy Hospital, the parochial school system, and an orphanage. in 1846 she established the first group of the Sisters of Mercy. 

I'm thankful to Carol for finding such a perfect spot and for saying Sister Agatha and I would have liked each other. 


Jocelyn Thurston said...

What a great story, Donna. Love the quilt and the way it has found a home is amazing. What a contribution Sister Agatha made to society!

Mary Colter said...

What a wonderful home for this piece. I hope it will bring comfort and peace.

brenda said...

love the story! always great to take a look back and see where the quilting started!

Anonymous said...

Donna I always enjoy your stories!! You have special talents in so many areas!! Thank You for sharing!!Debbie