Monday, October 16, 2017

Monday's Projects

Travel Agent's T-shirt Quilt in process -
Four Tudors almost completed + two finished ones, three of them sold, and one for Wayne's daughter!

Four RunArounds will come from these fabrics. 

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Betty Lou said...

Donna, recently I gathered some fabric from our church's sewing closet with the intention of sewing some market bagel for a sale the church is having in November. I forgot about the fabric and then while putting things away from a recent trip I found the fabric and realized I better get busy. Made a couple bags which weren't quite what I wanted and decided I better research this project a little better. Then I found your blog and read about Morbags. Since I don't quil like I used to but still like to sew small projects this are perfect. Thank you for sharing all your bags, you are a great inspiration. Question----when you use quilt cotton do you line your bags? Keep posting, I'm a follower now.