Thursday, May 31, 2018

Sloan Travel Bag - complete!

There's a zippered pocket on the front of the bag.
Each outer side has a pocket.
The bag zips shut.
Inside there are 2 zippered pockets and 2 side pockets.  

This Sloan Travel Bag is not an easy pattern.  But when the steps are broken down and taken one at a time, the end result is beautiful and pragmatic.  I have used the one I made myself on a half-dozen overseas trips - it's the ideal carry-on.  My friend Jenny has this bag now.  I was secretly hoping it might be too bright for her.  But she loves it. 

Finishing the Sloan means I can now start Molly's quilt - this is what I have after two hours.  Right now it's just a matter of making the blocks.  Layout will come much later. 

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