Wednesday, June 20, 2018

An End Date

 These two Tudors are complete.  I am going to hang onto the multi-colored one for a while.  The other is for my Quilty Melissa.  I love the size of these bags.  In both, in addition to simple inner pockets, there is a sleeve for a water bottle.  Melissa's bag has some faux textured leather on the bottom and lower sides.  It was easier to work with than I anticipated, and I still under Soft and Stable, a foam interfacing, under it.
And here's my new rule:  For every completed new project, I have to do a UFO.  Because - seriously - we all have an end/expiration date.  (Relax - everything is fine - just a reality check).  I found these blue blocks from the Janet Clare line Aubade. I made them at the winter retreat last January.  After putting them on the design wall, I was pretty uninspired.  So then I thought about the disappearing 9-patch.  I sewed 9 blocks together and then center cut them into four blocks.   When I put them together (sew below), meh...

   So then I began to think about separating the blocks, giving them some space to breathe, and putting them on point.  And look!  Now I have some space to do some hand-quilting in the big empty blocks.  I will tuck this away until next winter.  Now?  I can go back to another tote back or two.

 I have a new product that Holly and Sarah got for me at the last QuiltCon - it's a paper fabric for bags and totes.  It is sturdy, can be washed and distressed, and is pretty intriguing.  I can't decide whether to to use Soft and Stable with it as well.  I do know I'm doing another Tudor.  But I am not finished with the faux leather and might start another one - see below.  Or maybe I'll just work on both at once...  And then back to another get the idea...and period purses...

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