Saturday, December 8, 2018

A Surprise and Two Trips Around the World

 What a great feeling to pull off a surprise that delights the recipient.  One of the quilties is turning 40 on the last day of 2018.  To honor her end of her old age of youth and her entry into the youth of old age, we did low-volume stars and snowflakes.  These blocks were pretty enough, but the quilt came to life with Sarah E's impeccable quilting.  This is one of those quilts, like all others, that needs to be touched and stroked.   Jennifer was beyond pleased, in her own quiet understated way.  What a privilege to be a part of this group of women.

My doctor had her first baby 7 months ago, and of course I made her a quilt - here it is. Her husband loves this quilt, has washed it a lot, and has asked her to ask me for a second quilt to keep in rotation, maybe a bit bigger.  While she has told him I'm too busy, she has told me to use navy, greys, and whites.  And I'm happily quilting this one.  I will get this commission to her in plenty of time for the holiday and do a proper picture when it's finished.  Do I need to say how much I love this pattern and these fabrics?

Doing the binding on the surprise quilt took several evenings, and now I'm finishing a Christmas present for grandson Sam. He goes to school at Northern Michigan State in Marquette, Michigan - average snowfall is 300 inches. I thought I was finished with it last February, but I keep adding more stitches. It's a great combination of machine and hand quilting, an effect I really like.

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