Wednesday, November 13, 2019

An Evening Companion

I'm not a pet person, but I understand how holding or stroking an animal is soothing.  For me that sort of soothing comes from my hand quilting.  That's what I discovered around the time of my parents' death.

In a way the same is true for a quilt.  When I hold a quilt for a couple of hours most evenings, of course I get attached to it.  And this one?  I love.  This top is made from the leftovers of my  shot cottons.  The backing is a very smooth muslin, one of the few fabrics I have to feel before I buy to make sure it has the right hand.

I've been using the wonderful variety of No. 8 Perle cottons on the color stripes - three rows per stripe. the white/lighter portions I'm running two lines of a silvery grey.  

I love how the stitching looks from the back.

My goal is to get this to my nephew Chris in Orlando before Christmas.   Because he and his family live there, I used a Mountain Mist poly batt, very light.  This quilt has a wonderful airy feel.

As I finished this quilt top last winter, I was glad to use of the last of my shot cottons, which do not play well with other quilting fabrics.  But as I have worked on stitching this quilt, I've realized one thing:  I need more shot cottons.
It's not a matter of want - it's NEED!

Today's work will be quilting this charming quilt.  It's not due until mid-January, but I fear things are heating up (two pregnant nieces, period purses, a guild project, a shhhh project, the holidays).  Besides, I really love this quilt!

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