Monday, February 8, 2021

2021 Sew Powerful Purses


Here are my first seven purses for Sew Powerful's 2021 goal.  A guild mate gave me a terrific but odd piece of Marimekko fabric, perfect for straps (each one is 4" x 55" - that's a lot of fabric) and the purse back and fronts.  I have had a couple of odd fabrics that haven't played with anything else in my stash - maybe because I bought them in Kenya - but they love this Marimekko print.  I think these are gorgeous.

My purse rhythm is changing.  Last year I devoted 2 months to doing a purse a day, the last one being December.  So I started off 2021 by mailing in 31 purses in early January.  But these purses above?  Although I did seven of them in 7 days, I only worked at the beginning of the day, getting each one to a certain point.  And then I worked on my other projects.  I kind of like this - sewing for SewPowerful at the beginning of the day and then switching over to my own project.  

So I think I'll do more batch sewing but perhaps not for an entire month.  We'll see...but I must quickly say I am more devoted to Sew Powerful than ever.  What a purposeful way to use my sewing skills.  

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