Saturday, July 17, 2021

Sewing to keep calm…

 Moving is stressful.  Leaving a house after 35 years is stressful.  The actual moving process is stressful.  Lining up proper documentation is stressful.  None of this is distress - it’s all eustress.  Nevertheless it’s stress.  So of course I have to sew.

The fabrics from Ben's quilt - Japanese linen canvas - do not play well with other cottons, so these are the leftovers.  This Trip around the World pattern is one of my favorites and one I do on automatic pilot.  It’s hard to see the middle navy border next to the brown, but you work with what you have, right? 

I started this yesterday with a group of fabrics that belong together, leftover from other projects.  I’ll have to see what I have left for the borders.  Normally these small blocks are made from 5.5” strips.  But this quilt will be smaller.  I was working with fat quarters and had to drop down to 5” strips.

The top quilt is on the basting tables.  And I’ll put borders in this today.  

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Josie Ray said...

Congrats on your move. Someone once told me that if you move after living in a home for about five years, it's not so bad, but if you've lived there longer than that, like eight years or more, the move is a nightmare. We just accumulate THINGS: huge plant pots, concrete garden statues, piles of lumber in the basement (scraps leftover in case we ever need them), every empty jar we might need one day for something, every keepsake relatives have given us because they don't want it but want someone to keep it for them...and on and on. So multiply that up to 35 years--you were like a ROCK in that neighborhood, or an oak with deep roots--and I don't envy you the sorting, the decision-making (take this or leave it), or the packing! May God bless you and smooth your move for you. Why are you moving? Did the neighborhood change? Do you just want less home maintenance? Oakbrook! Awesome! :-) I hope you have plenty of peaceful sewing place in your new home. Also, a BOY for Laura, et al! Joy! (It's not going to be "one in, one out," I pray...)