Friday, December 31, 2021

2021 comes to an end…

What an odd year. 2020 and 2021 have run together into one odd blur, mostly defined by Covid and broken bones.  Its good to end the year on a positive note, this time with Mors bags.  A guildster needs bags for a charity project, and I've made up these two, with fabric she gave me, to see if these are what she wants.  I sometimes forget how satisfying these Mors bags are to make.  Want to make one?  Go to - directions are there.  Another quick and satisfying project is bowl cozies.  We use ours all the time.  The one below is for me. The black and white fabric is from New Zealand, and all the designs are Maori.

But my main focus of December has been purses for Sew Powerful. I wanted to make 31, but stopped at 25 and got them in the mail.  This year I did a total of 101, which isn't bad considering the turmoil of the big move.

See below for our Christmas Eve table and why we love our new space so much.  Last Christmas Eve John and I took ourselves out of the family mix.  This year, with vaccinations and boosters (and requiring testing for the three unvaxxed grandsons, two of whom tested positive and didn't attend), our dinner was lovely, and all seemed happy to be gathered together.

Two Bowls cozies for John's sister

The other side of the black and white one for my kitchen

One of my favorite purses

Purses from fabrics by Mary Radnor

No design wall for purses so a new rack with 20 hooks!

 2022 is going to be the no excuses year.  The move is over, we are both healthy, the LaGrange house is sold with an early February closing, and I have projects I can't wait to work on!  

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