Wednesday, January 5, 2022

My Best Christmas Present


Faced with what seems to be a never-ending supply of quilts and even at various attempts to destash, there are always piles of quilts.  In the fall I had the idea of getting a quilt or "blanket ladder."  It was 5 feet tall and 17 inches wide.  Not bad but getting big quilts on it was pretty tricky.  So I asked Santa for a bigger blanket ladder.  Below is Santa,  and his present was was pretty easy to assemble.  (search for blanket ladder at Amazon - all sorts of options come up.) This new ladder is 7 feet tall and 24" wide.  Much better.    The smaller ladder works great for wall hangings and napping quilt.  During this new year's winter interlude (we aren't snowed in - I've just been pretending for a couple of days) I started the quilt at the bottom of this entry.  Today I'm about to sew the vertical rows together.  And then I think I'll pet some fabric and see which ones I want to play with next!

Downstream, pattern by Yvonne Fuchs, available at

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