Friday, March 23, 2007

Inspiration and Projects

Inspiration has a multitude of sources. Sometimes a particular piece of fabric becomes the source of inspiration. And it could be a combination of fabrics or colors. Sometimes it's a design. I still have a landscape/sunset quilt trying to get out of my head from our trips to Alaska. The same is true of our drive along the Mississippi Valley on our way to Minneapolis. Sometimes a special occasion coincides with a technique I want to try. That's what happened with niece Leslie's high school graduation quilt. This quilt is from the leftovers of Leslie's quilt. And some quilts have no inspiration - they are just something that must be done.

John and I just returned from a fabulous and intense short week in Beijing. Our lovely guide Hua Jing showed us stuff until our brains were full. And I come home with Asian motifs running through my head. Kennedy teacher/friend Rachel is someone who has been on my quilt list. Rachel is dedicated and personable, and we spent much time together working on various projects. She bought her first place in Oak Park and has some dining room wall space that she's saving for me. I've been bouncing various ideas off of her, but when I got back from Beijing I knew what I wanted to do. The palette is a warm one - neutrals, browns, sage greens, true reds, some golds. There are 6 blocks, each with an "Asian" motif and simple lines.

Yesterday I was in a work groove when John reminded me that I'm making a Jazz T-Shirt Quilt for the Brookfield Jazz Society. And that reminded me that I'm taking the t-shirt John bought at The Great Wall and turning that into a wall hanging. There is also a pile of red/cranberries/burgundies in the studio for niece Ali's quilt - she graduated in December from Richards HS but I figure I still have until May for completion. I think I want to use the same technique for her quilt that I used for Leslie's, which involved making my own fabric from strips of fabrics.

So today I will head up and continue to work on Rachel's quilt. When I hit a rough patch, then I'll begin squaring up t-shirts. Then I'll think about John's Great Wall Wall Hanging and what fabrics to incorporate into that. And then I'll look at the some of the ethnic fabrics and dream about how I want to use them. I may even look at the pile of scraps I had my grandson sort - I want to try a weaving technique in an attempt to create a checkered fabric. The freedom to work on various projects simutaneously and to have the space to do this is fabulous.

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Donna L. Holt said...

What a beautiful work of Art! Your writings tell of your wonderful life's experiences. How enlightening it must be for you to be able to have time to think, dream and record your life's special moments in a quilt. What a legacy......