Friday, March 2, 2007

The Mardi Gras Connection

My husband John, aka Mr. Jazz, has friends all over the states. And he is one of my best salesmen! George from Colorado mailed me all of his jazz t-shirts, and I did two wall hangings for him. George was very sick when he ordered his quilts and took great joy in them before he died. Mike from New Orleans lost everything, including his father, in Hurricane Katrina. We could not begin to imagine their loss. When Mike and Eloise relocated in Richmond, Virginia, I sent them a Jeweled Trip Around the World. Betty Jane is also from New Orleans and a lifelong friend of Mike's. Betty Jane rebuilt and is still in NO. We hooked up with BJ before a jazz cruise in December 2006. And that's when we hatched "the plan." She has always wanted a bedspread of her jazz t-shirts. And as she was looking through her shirts, she realized she had some of Mike's (remember, Mike lost everything...). So she mailed me all of her shirts and Mike's. Along with the shirts BJ also packed a King's Cake and some 2007 Mardi Gras Beads from the Zulu Social Aid & Pleasure Club - she was a Zulu Princess in the Parade! And then I got busy working on BJ's Jazzy Bed Quilt and Mike's Jazz Wall Hanging. My studio floor became a mosaic of quilts.

Both went in the mail last week. Yesterday BJ called, ecstatic over her quilt. Today Mike called, amazed and pleased with his. This is why I quilt.

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