Monday, April 30, 2007

The Lowly T-Shirt

There were so many highlights of our March trip to Beijing. Among them was seeing the Great Wall (can you imagine how great the rest of the trip was?). Spotting it from a distance was thrilling enough. But then to actually climb up one of the towers and be on the Wall was even better. John walked from one tower to the next, probably 2 miles total. We could still see remnants of snow and the day was brisk and sunny. John bought a souvenir shirt and requested that it be a wall hanging. The lovely greys of the shirt are perfect with the red and Imperial yellow. This wall hanging is what you see coming out of the bathroom on the first floor. So, several times a day we are reminded of our lovely time visiting the Great Wall of China. Click on the pictures to see some of the details.

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Doug said...

What a fine tribute to a trip!