Tuesday, May 1, 2007

My Turbinates for a Quilt

My sister Paula is married to Dennis Thompson, an ear-nose-throat surgeon. When my snoring was bad enough to interfere with John's sleep, Dr. Den was a great resource. He first used Pilar implants in my soft palate, but my snoring persisted. So then he shrank my turbinates with radio frequency. For the first time in years I think I am breathing clearly and well. When Paula and Dennis purchased a building for their practice in St. Joe, MI, Paula of course handled the decorating (as well as everything else) of this new space. There's a wonderful tall wall in a central spot, and Paula asked for a wall hanging. What a great opportunity to begin to repay Dennis for his services!

Armed with some mini-quilts, sample wall hanging, and fabrics in Paula's palette of browns, neutrals, and blues, I drove to St. Joe. They both spotted a design they liked, and Dennis seems to like bold graphic lines. Paula and I then hammered out the specific fabrics. The result is lovely - contemporary, quiet, eye-catching. There will be a better photograph once this is hung in its space.


HexagonLady said...

I love this patchwork! You are best!
Leja from Sweden


Leja said...

Patchwork from Sweden. Leja