Sunday, May 27, 2007

When Fabrics and Colors Speak...

Part 1. Ceretta O, a woman from Lawndale Christian Quilters, made a fabulous reversible quilt using ethnic and animal prints last year (look in the Lawndale, Chapter 2 album). And the beauty of that quilt has had an impact on me. Slowly but ever so surely my stash is including some wonderful new fabrics, including one that was the key of Ceretta's quilt.

Part 2. About five years ago I bought a piece of student art, mostly because no one else bought it and partially because of the color scheme - lots of greys, blacks, and a big shot of yellow. This combination of colors I find appealing.

So these two piles of fabrics - the ethnic/animal prints and the grey/yellow/blacks - wound up on the floor together. And I'm working on log cabins in the new workshop. I've been trying to picture these two groups in the same quilt. I've even gone through various quilt books trying to find a suitable pattern to merge these two fabrics groups into. One of the problems is that several of the fabrics are not suitable for piecing because they are so lovely on their own.

Yesterday it dawned on me. I love Ceretta's quilt so much that perhaps the reversible pattern would work well again. I did make a reversible quilt last year (look in the same gallery for my Night and Day quilt) , but it was a gift to young Sean Parkes and his parents. So I could certainly make one just to live in the studio. In playing with these fabrics, some slipped from one pile into another. Some of the yellows/golds are now with the animal/ethnics and all the grey/blacks are together.

The beauty of a reversible quilt is that it's an opportunity to use of leftover batting, of which there's a constant supply. Within 24 hours I've gone from, "I need to begin a new project" to "Woo Hoo, I've got this great project going and can't wait to get back in the studio!" Of course I have other projects that I'm finishing, but there's nothing like the glow of being in love with a new project. And to Ceretta: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!


Doug said...

Are there traditional ethnic patterns that could be used? sounds like an interesting project.

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