Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Continuing to Grieve

Dodie's been dead for 6 months now. How odd to type that sentence. I think about her daily, sad that she is no longer part of the party of life and so thankful that I still am. In July we're going to Myrtle Beach where her family vacations every summer. This summer will be no different, except that on Dodie's birth date, July 13, Furman is hosting an "ash-letting-go" ceremony. Back in January I made a quilt for Dodie's younger daughter Virginia. Now I'm getting ready to work on a quilt for her older daughter Mani.

I know what I want the look of the quilt to be - light, airy, beachy, summery. In Beijing I wanted to buy fabrics, and the plentiful silks weren't what I wanted. I did buy some shirting cottons, which will be perfect for this project. Also, years ago Dodie gave me some of Furman's old shirts and was thinking of a quilt. It was one of our "someday" projects that we never got to. This simple linear pattern will be perfect for these light blues and whites.

I'm looking forward to Myrtle Beach. It's where Dodie and I spent a week with her kids when Furman couldn't get away from the hospital, and it's where John and I honeymooned 25 years ago. Virginia and Furman's sisters will be there, and they are charming women. And Mani has found gracious digs for us for that week. Most of all, I think this ceremony for Dodie will be an additional closure that I need.

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