Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Lowly T-Shirt - Part 2

Good friend Cecilia's daughter is graduating from med school today. Megan has also provided the family with the first grandchild AND she even ran the Chicago marathon two years ago. Meg is a charming young woman. In honor of her graduation her parents are hosting a cocktail reception tonight for her. At my request, Megan gave me her Chicago marathon T-shirt and her medal (she came in 28,115th place and ran it in 5:17:14!). Look at the result - it's great! Megan plans on hanging this in her office when she begins her practice in rehab medicine. Until then, it will live in the same room with all of her husband's ironman trophies. Dr. Steve may have more trophies, but Dr. Megan's is certainly prettier.

See April 30, 2007, for Part I.

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