Thursday, July 26, 2007

Getting It Right

It's really fascinating to work on a project for someone else. Individual taste varies so much. Good and necessary friend Cecilia is having a quilt made for her bedroom. We have the palette right. But now it's a matter of getting the design, proportions, and distribution of the fabrics right. It's one thing to see products in a store and decide which one you want. It's entirely different when you can design each aspect of something like a quilt.

My design wall (i.e., my floor) has the body of Cecilia's quilt on it. We know the big pieces. And we're now trying to make decisions on some of the details. At this point I need to be quiet because I'm really to move full speed ahead. But I need to wait and let the process take its own time. Also, I realized today that making decisions based on what we see on the design floor is wrong because the quilt needs to be in its permanent home. So I'll get the bigger bits together and then relay everything out on her bed. Then perhaps the decision-making will be a bit easier.

But let me quickly say that this quilt is going to be stunning. It may take until October to get it all right, but it's going to be fabulous.

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Doug said...

boy the red makes the whole thing pop...