Monday, July 16, 2007

Back to Business

We are home from Myrtle Beach. It was a lovely week with fabulous weather and good company. Of course, that Dodie was not there was at the forefront of everything. But being with her family was important - it is all part of moving the grieving process along.

So now, back to business. Cecilia's quilt is on the table although I am still waiting to hear from the Kings Road fabric manufacturer if he can get me a bolt of the critical greenish black fabric that will generously frame the body of the quilt. I'm doing a twin of the quilt that I made for Mani, Dodie's daughter. The colors are perfect for my bedroom, and this will become our new summer quilt.

The house we had in Myrtle Beach is owned by friends of Mani's. John and I stayed in the master bedroom of the Jim Dandy (people in the low country of South Carolina name their houses). This master bedroom has an iris theme, and there's am empty wall just begging for a wall hanging. Should I just make something and send it or should I actually talk to Fran, the home's owner. Hmmm....

Vacation's over - time to get cracking again!

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Doug said...

What do I get if you stay at my house?