Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Dardenelles with Pearl and Varsha

Ok, ok, - I know this isn't about quilting. We met these darling young women on the bus from the Istanbul Airport to our Oran Hotel. Even though they weren't on our tour bus, we had several opportunities to run into Pearl (right) and Varsha during our two-week visit. The second day of our trip we drove west out of Istanbul along the Marmara Sea towards Gallipoli and used a ferry to cross the Dardanelles to get to the mainland, the Asian part of Turkey. Behind the girls is the European part of the country. We always meet the nicest people on our travels! (One fascinating fact I learned on the trip was the connection between the words Gallipoli and Portugal. At one point both ends of the Mediterranean were controlled by the Gauls, as these names indicate!)


Doug said...

AUS's Dunkirk?

Did you see any memorials or such?

Donna said...

Yes, that's the Gallipoli. It may have been a loss for the Brits and Aussies, but the Turks lost thousands there, too. So yes, there were memorials - very moving. The Turks were scarred so badly that they never did enter WWII.