Friday, March 21, 2008

Turkey and Lambs

No quilting for me today and tomorrow. We came back from our 2-week Turkey trip, and my jet-lagged brain is still in Istanbul with some of the lovely people we traveled with. We are especially missing our guide Orhan. Our immersion into Turkish culture was wonderful, and we were sorry to see the trip come to an end. But now it's time for my yearly Easter tribute to John's mom. She baked lamb cakes for her grandchildren and passed on her recipe and one of her lamb pans to me. So now I bake lamb cakes for the grandchildren - we'll deliver the kits tomorrow. Along with the lamb cake is vanilla frosting, coconut dyed green, some jelly beans for the eyes and nose, and - as you can see - we haven't found a good way to do the mouth. This tradition is a wonderful way to remember Sophie Moscinski.

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