Monday, July 28, 2008

Progress on Jen T's Wedding Quilt

Several posts back, I had a picture of various fabrics in consideration for Jen's wedding quilt. After several discussions, samples of little bits of fabrics, a catalog picture of something both Jen and Tim liked, and input from trusted friend Cristina, the Thompson-Peters quilt is underway. Because of the whole green/blue issue, this quilt will be reversible with Tim's side being primarily blues and Jen's side focused around this one green she loves so much. All the fabrics were organized and the layout was planned. Each side uses 8 fabrics, and each one of those fabrics was cut into 22 8" squares. Batting was also cut into 8" squares. Then each one of the 168 squares was quilted. Now, everything has to be sewn together. All squares on Tim's side will be connected with navy blue, all on Jen's side with her green. I'm still undecided about the binding. The layout is 12 by 14, and the quilt will be 96" x 112".

These pictures give an idea of how the 2 sides of the quilt will look. Click on the bottom picture to see some of the detail with the quilting. This project is a fun one to work on and will definitely be completed before the August 30 wedding.

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Rose Marie said...

What an interesting quilt .... love how you did different quilting designs in the blocks and once the strips are all sewn together, your quilt is almost done! Very clever!