Tuesday, January 27, 2009

In Progress

I got so sidetracked by making MORS bags that I almost forgot how much I enjoy piecing. The transition from large hunks of fabric to little bits that need to be sewn together was a rough one, but after 3 days I'm back into the piecing groove. Quilter Wayne is working on a variation of a Storm at Sea, a pattern I've always wanted to try. The pattern creates waves of colors even though only straight piecing is used. He is tackling a bed-sized Stormy Sea. And being Miss Piggy at the Quilting Banquet of Life, I decided I wanted to do this, too. Perhaps some of the batiks are a bit murky in color - I think the quilting of this piece will be crucial to its overall effect.

Have I stopped making MORS bags? Hardly. I have even figured out how to make flat-bottomed bags and even goofed around with a smaller variation that is lined and - dare I say - even easier to do.
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