Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Laptop Bag for Laurel

Combining what I've learned from purse making and the technique I learned making Morse bags at Christmas, I made a computer laptop bag for friend Laurel, the travel agent. We were at a friend's house for an informal meeting, and Laurel came in clutching her laptop to her chest and dangling the power cords. She explained that she does have a laptop carrier but that it's big, bulky, and complicated. I actually get her point about the laptop case. This bag is sturdy, roomy enough for additional papers and power cords, and pretty. Perhaps the handles should be a bit closer together. Laurel will help me figure this out.

And a word about this fabric. I've had this terrific green for a couple of years. But it's too strong to be combined with other fabrics in a quilt top. However, in purse #4 and this laptop carrier, it's perfect.

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Payal said...

Hi Aunt Donna! I finally perused your website and love your work. I'm going to attempt another camera case soon =) Thank you again for dinner last week....Hope to see you and Uncle John soon!