Monday, May 4, 2009

Quilting a la Goldilocks - Purse 3

So why would I start a new project when I have 2 perfectly good ones in process? Wendy's black/white jacket is ready to be assembled, but this is a teaching model and needs to remain as is for a few more days. The India quilt - well, I guess I haven't been in the mood for the "assembly line" sewing that 48 log cabin blocks require. So doing a new purse seemed just right. A new batik (purchased on line and on sale) is the inspiration. It does have 2 zippered compartments inside. The bigger zippered compartment was still hard to do and required some unsewing and resewing. I used a stiffer iron-on interfacing and quilted the pieces with Warm N Natural cotton batting.

The result is a purse that has a real shape to it and is very pragmatic. I did include an outer pocket for a cell phone, but I'm not sure I like the overall look - kind of makes it look "too quilty."

Final Verdict: Purse #3 - it's a winner!

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