Sunday, July 26, 2009

Scraps and a Scrap Mors Bag

No matter how economical I try to be with fabrics, there are always leftovers. Depending on the kind of quilt I'm doing, I'll go though my scrap baskets and see what I can use before cutting into fabric. I've even hired grandson Ryan to sort and organize scraps. Today's project was a Mors bag, mostly made with scraps from a quilts that Cristina and I did last summer. These scraps were pieced onto a foundation that is the lining of the bag. There's a piece of flannel serving as a batting, but here's a lesson learned. The three layers on fabric for each side were too much to sew together on the side seams.

We're going to Greg and Dorothy's for dinner today, and this bag will remain there.

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Shell said...

These are absolutely beautiful, I wish I could be talented like that! Was just searching through blogs and saw yours, great job!

If you need a laugh feel free to come by mine and leave a link to yours :)