Saturday, September 26, 2009

Out of Africa

 This ethnic wall hanging is finished. There were several inspirations for this work. First, there was the central fabric, a wonderful gradated piece with its range from gold to deep brown. Second, there was that fabulous pile of scraps that formed the border. Third, as I was beginning to put this piece together, I stumbled across the book Simply Stunning Woven Quilts (thanks to Rachel from my Art Quilt group) and did the woven circle, which anchors the whole thing. The final inspiration came from the walls at the Salt Creek Wine Bar in Brookfield - they are a marvelous textured deep red with brown undertones. The whole time I was working on this piece, I envisioned it hanging at this bar. John and I are having our 60th and 70th birthday party there, and Out of Africa will be hung there in their wine-tasting room. It's my present to Tom and Linda. 29" x 36"
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wsrhodes said...

One of your best.....and that's saying a lot!

Josie Ray said...

Donna! That is amazing! You are truly a professional. This piece is beautiful, and only a pro could have known precisely what finishing details were needed and when to stop. It has been a delight to watch it develop from near the beginning. Thank you very much for sharing.

It seems so right that it will be displayed in a public place for many to enjoy. (Incidentally, if you've ever considered making quilt notecards, this would be lovely on the front of a card...and please send me the link when you start selling them online!)

May I wish you (and John) a happy birthday (whenever it is)? You must have such a wonderful sense of accomplishment on this piece. It's a stunner.