Sunday, September 27, 2009

That Damned Elusive Free-Motion Quilting

I'm impressed by quilters who are able to do free-motion quilting. I've taken classes in free-motion quilting. I've practiced this technique without much success and have never felt confident or comfortable with it. And so I always resort to the safety of my walking foot when it's time to quilt.

Almost a year ago I met my quilting Doppelganger at a Fiber Arts show in Glencoe. Wayne is left-handed, has the same Husqvarna sewing machine, is drawn to geometric designs and modern fabrics, keeps a blog of his work, and quilts with the same passion I do. In our e-friendship we've discovered some amazing similarities. We have successfully incorporated his wife Wendy and my husband John into our friendship and have tried when we are with them to keep quilt talk and spousal eye-rolling to a minimum. One of the things Wayne does very very well is free-motion quilting.

Friday we got together for the first time as quilters and did our own workshop. Wayne coached me on the technique. And this bag is the result. I won't claim that I've mastered the technique, but the two sides of this oversized bag are a great start. I thank Wayne for helping me with the breakthrough of this technique!


SewCalGal said...

Lovely fabric, design, quilting. Thanks for sharing!


Josie Ray said...

Kudos! I recently purchased my first walking foot and am looking forward to learning to use that (it will have to be sans doppel-doo-ma-hoochie).

Donna said...

Josie Ray, as I was taking off my walking foot, lowering my feed dogs, and attaching the darning foot, I confessed to Wayne that my walking foot would be something I'd grab if my house was on fire. So if you need any info or have any questions about the walking foot, I'm your (wo)man!

Josie Ray said...

Thank you very much, Donna. I've mentally tucked away your offer for when I start the machine-quilting part, probably in mid- October. You're very kind.