Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chaos vs. Productivity

It sometimes scares me how efficiently I can operate in chaos. All my Reds, Orange, Yellows, Green, Blue, and Indigo/Violets are strewn about the studio, which is where I need to have them. Could I close any of the fabric doors? Apparently not. For the past week I've been sewing, almost maniacally.

The Jinny Beyer fabric here is one that's almost 15 years old and just needs to be used. So I made a couple of boxed Mors bags, and John gave them away at Autumn Green's November FM Jazz session before I could photograph them. I still have enough fabric left for a few more.

What I am loving working on are the totes of many colors. I'm learning to match the bottom horizontal stripe with the lining of the bag. I'm about to finish 2 that have a snappy yellow-orange band and a great lining.

My neighbor Pam visited the studio to see what I was doing and noticed a pile of scraps. And she wants a tote from all the scraps. A Scrappy Amazing Technicolor Dream Tote. I like it!


Arathi Prakash said...

Nice studio! I hope to have a studio like yours soon... My hands are itching to do some sewing...! :)

Rose Marie said...

What an amazing adventure you are having with those bags ..... each one is awesome!

Josie Ray said...

Your opening photo always shows up so colorfully on my blogroll.

I love project chaos! What a high to have a glorious work in process and to have it spread all over the room. Your creativity flows out into the array and the array breathes creativity back to you. Bliss.

Beautiful potential in the Scrappy Doo bag. :-)