Thursday, November 19, 2009

Roy G. Biv and the Spectrum

Here are 14 Amazing Technicolor Dream Totes for my sister, ready to go to her on Thanksgiving with my parents. Some are the basic colors of the spectrum with colors repeated as they go around the bag. Some of them include the expanded spectrum with no color repeats. All are quilted with a sturdy boxed bottom (stiff needlepoint plastic canvas - who knew?), have a lining that matches the one horizonal band of color, and have a deep pocket on the inside. Merry Christmas to LMSSAC from one of Santa's bigger elves!
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Doug said...

That's an impressive stack'O bags!

rich and laurel said...

your quilting is always great, donna!

Josie Ray said...

Oh, you're funny. :-) Roy G. Biv. I had to wiki it. I thought it was a musician to whom you listened as you made the bags. :-)

These are colorful and precise! Crisp. Sturdy. Marriage of function and beauty...honeymoon of it, even! :-)

I haven't been handmaking Christmas gifts for several years, but I can remember that wonderful, warm feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction as the lovely things pile up around you...then you package them and give them all away. Gratification. Content. Fulfillment.

Donna said...

This is a hoot: I hadn't heard of Roy G. Biv until a few years ago. Since I'm not a memorizer, I rely on these little mnemonic devices to get me through. We must have both been absent the day our science teachers talked about prisms!