Monday, July 19, 2010

Decisions, decisions...

I have already confessed an on-going love affair with all things Jinny Beyer. Her designs and sense of color create beauty. While I have ordered fabric from her studio, I am also trying to develop my own sense of color, especially in a graduated palette. She has made her pattern "Night and Day" available as a free download, for which I am thankful. In the previous blog entry I worked hard at choosing 14 fabrics. After an intense weekend of preparing the 12 strip sheets of 7 fabrics each, today I did the cutting and some preliminary layouts, auditioning different backgrounds.

Can you tell that I'm actually making decisions about background for two quilts? For the Day Quilt the predominant pieces go from light to dark. It's just the opposite for the Night Quilt. Jinny Beyer intended the Day quilt to have a light background, but that's just too light for me. On the other hand, laying on the Night pieces on a green mottled background doesn't do it for me either.

Everything is on my studio floor, and I'll leave all four possibilities there until I make a decision - or get tired or walking around them. Despite my vast stash, I may even have to make a trip to in Willowbrook and look for different backgrounds.

I do like the fabric decisions I made to create the strip sheets, and being thoughtful about the background for each quilt is a good thing.

Blogging at this point really is useful - I'm able to study these pictures and decide which background appeals to me the most. Seeing things on the design wall - er, floor - is one thing. But then seeing the photo image sometimes makes things even clearer.

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