Saturday, July 3, 2010

Medical Bribery? No, just heart-felt appreciation

For over 15 years John and I have been patients at Family Medical Center of LaGrange, started by Dr. Steve Sauerberg. With him in practice are Dr. Daniel Chen, Dr. Scott Robertson, Dr. Judith Lin, Dr. Michael Dupont, and PA-C Debbie Sleeper. I have been seeing Debbie for five years but have also seen and talked to Dr. Dupont. And John likes his relationship with Dr. Chen.

I'm crazy about everyone in this office. The referral staff, the reception staff, and the nurses are all terrific. I was thankful for the referral to my orthopedic surgeon Dr. Groya. When I had a blood clot in December, I was admitted into LaGrange Hospital within 45 minutes once Debbie knew. After 6 months of being on a blood thinner, I think each one of the doctors has at one point weighed in on my Warfarin dosage. I walk into this office smiling, and I leave this office smiling.

My parents are starting with Family Medical Center of LaGrange next week. The general practioners they are currently seeing do not inspire confidence. I'm happy they are willing to make the change. My mom is going to see Debbie, and my dad will see Dr. Dupont.

There are 19 worker bees and 6 doctors. I've already given Debbie some bags - and I think Debbie knows I would make her whatever she wants. So here are 24 Mors bags for everyone else on staff. I'm constantly appreciative of the quality of medical care that my husband and I - and now my parents - receive.

In appreciation also of the earth's resources, these shopping bags come with the mantra "Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle." And for what it's worth, my fabric stash is now finally looking managable!


Josie Ray said...

These are all so pretty! What fun you must have had putting them together. Did you hand them out, knowing that they would swap them around to perfection later? :-)

Donna said...

I gave them all to the women at the front desk and put them in charge of distribution, with the proviso that if anyone was unhappy, they would let me know. I was back in the next 2 days (appts for my parents and then me). Several of the staff thanked me and I was able to ask them which bag they chose. Great fun! And really my stash is almost manageable!