Saturday, January 1, 2011

Completing a Request about Kathmandu

Today was my day to begin to sort and organize in the studio. How much do I want to avoid this project? So much so that I decided instead to fulfill one of John's few quilting requests: to turn his too-small t-shirt from Nepal into a wall hanging. And - uh - it's been almost two years since we were in India and Nepal. So this wall hanging is ready to hang, and I still have a messy studio. Perhaps tomorrow...

I don't know what's going to help this board of scraps.  I paid grandson Brandon to organize and sort, but that was several months ago.  It must be time for another scrap quilt.
I've got some great surfaces, but all of them are covered with odds and ends that simply must be organized and put away.

Fabrics on the floor must go into the cabinet, and the table to the left? I don't even know what all is there. My cabinets are terrific, and I need to make them more efficient.

My standing tables are covered with fabrics that were used for purses and bags or fabrics that I thought I would use and bits and hunks of different weight battings. I'm not finished making purses/bags, but these fabrics have to be put away.

So stay tuned for some "after" pictures - I have great hopes for tomorrow. We leave for Kenya in less than two weeks. Starting new projects just isn't going to happen. And things in other parts of my life are getting busy. Maybe in early February I can do the sort of "project dreaming" that I normally do at the beginning of a new year!

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