Friday, January 7, 2011

Shhh - a Secret...and Stippling a Border

These blocks both share the same fabrics and one common dimension - 12". They, along with some extra purple strips, are going to be part of quilt that others are contributing to as well. In late March I hope to be able to post and blog about this quilt. Meanwhile, these blocks are off to mingle with others. I hope they play nicely with the others without being too loud and domineering.
Here's the corner of a piece that I've had hanging in my living room. John took it down for the holidays. Before it goes back up, I am stippling (free motion quilting) the outer border and adding a sleeve for hanging. This is a Storm at Sea, and I love the look of it. My buddy Wayne was working on his Storm at Sea, and here's what he made.  I know this is immature, but whatever Wayne is working on, that's what I want to do, too.  I was proud of embellishing this quilt with some neat yarns from John's sister.  And I love this quilt so much that I was too hasty to get it hung.  So now, I'm completing it properly.

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