Thursday, June 23, 2011

Trying not to get chocolate on...

Tomorrow is my dad's 86th birthday, and he's requested a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. I love to bake. I love to taste. And I tried very hard - and succeeded in not getting chocolate on my new fabric. Friends gave me a gift certificate to It's a site where you can design your own fabric. That something I thought I always wanted to do until I began working at this site. It's hard! and overwhelming. Instead I looked at fabrics that others have designed, and here's what came in the mail. At $18/yard I won't use this site often, but it's fun to know it exists.

I also didn't get chocolate on the binding for Nathan's quilt, which I picked up from T and F Quilting today. This quilt is big - 82" by 102". That means 12 strips of 2" fabric that needed to be joined, run through the bias tape maker, and then ironed in half. Thanks to QFF Ebony I now know to wind the binding on an empty roll of toilet paper - so much easier to use and keep track of.

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