Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Request and an Opportunity

I'm usually not able to see how a quilt of mine wears or how a purse holds up to daily use.  Last year when I was in physical therapy I made a purse/laptop carrier for my PT Chandra's daughter.  Recently Chandra asked if I would "rehandle" this bag.  Lavina has used it daily for almost a year.  So what an opportunity to see how one of my pieces has held up.  Except for the handles/straps, it looks pretty good.  But then the riddle:  if the straps are done during construction of the bag, how can I replace them without deconstructing the bag.

When I was making a bag for my sister Paula, I learned how to use D-rings. And these became the way to provide new straps for this purse without taking it apart. Voila!

The quilt for my nephew Nathan is coming along. Of course this is the part of the project when my OCD kicks in, exclusively centered around whether these fabrics are right for him. The pattern/design I'm confident about - in fact I love how it's turning out. But the one batik - the main one - is reading almost more coral than pumpkin. I keep telling myself that this fabric is the color of a sunset. But then I see that coral color and fret. These are some of the blocks on the floor - they still need to be assembled.

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Zanymouse said...

You can always shift the color a bit by choosing a contrasting quilting thread, but I think it looks great the way it is. Besides, coral or even pink isn't off limits anymore for our boys. I see it all the time at school, even lavender. Go figure.