Friday, May 11, 2012

Focusing on the Joy of Quilting

While I do love to create, this current commission reminds me that I love to piece and I love to quilt.  Grandma Roberta designed this transportation quilt for her grandson and even cut the blocks but had no interest in assembly.  So I've pieced the blocks into a top and then used the leftover to create a funky back.  Simple diagonal quilting is perfect for this little boy's quilt.  The binding will be a navy solid. 

Working on someone else's design has been a welcome change of pace!


Sue R. said...

Such a happy quilt! Love the primary colors...dimensions?
I think thi s will be a well used and cherished quilt from Grandma R.

Carol G said...

A cute mix of colors and fabrics. Nice to have a pleasing commission.