Tuesday, May 1, 2012

In Process: Hot Pink Baby Quilt

Niece Laura is having her 4th baby girl.  I made quilts for Amelia, Olive, and Elle.  So of course I have to make one for Baby Isla, who is coming in July.  Laura pointed out that despite having three girls, she's never had a hot pink quilt.  Hot pinks?  Ok, hot pinks! 

But then the design.  What to do?  I thought about some of the modern possibilities but was drawn to something traditional, like perhaps a zigzig quilt. 

So I got busy, did a couple of rows, and certainly got a traditional look.  Which I don't like.   So I began to think about how to "untraditionalize" it.  I think I have it.  The 4 columns are going to be set in a radiant fashion - I need to cut v-shaped wedges the neutral backgrounds.  Challenging my inner Emilies (Emily L and Emily B from the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild), I think I'll try to do a small pieced star (planet?) and have these zigzags radiate from it. 

Stay tuned!

(And I must say it's good to work with flat things that don't have zippers!)

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Carol G said...

Interesting. Will enjoy seeing this one evolve.